Veteran journalist Mike Barnicle has interviewed and profiled countless political and business leaders, union, government and military officials, athletes, celebrities and authors during his four-decade career as an award-winning print and broadcast journalist, and social and political commentator. Barnicle’s signature balance of tough-minded inquiry coupled with empathy with the everyman allows him to uniquely cut to the heart of pressing national and international issues that matter to the American public and impact their daily lives. As a senior contributor on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and a columnist for The Daily Beast, Barnicle brings his incisive analytical style to stories and discussion ranging from the politics of the day, to the economy and jobs, international threats and aggressors, foreign policy, civil rights, gun control, education, poverty, health, veterans’ affairs and much more.

POTUS: spewing “venom"

Russia: War on the U.S.

More threats from POTUS

Trump & Putin talk: “potentially lethal"

Trump: “In Putin’s Pocket"

Trump and Putin

Pompeo’s North Korea Plan

POTUS: “Approaching beyond belief"

POTUS bashes German automakers

Barnicle: "There’s only Trump"

Families separated at the border: “This is our story"

Trump’s Family Separation Policy

The Ongoing Russia Probe

Michael Cohen gets paid for White House “insights"

"Why We Love It When Trump Lies to Us"

Is POTUS helped or hurt by Giuliani?

The Justice Department: “Will not be extorted"

“The Fox Hunt: A Refugee’s Memoir of Coming to America.”

Pompeo’s Double Duty?

Comey memos released under Republican pressure

What’s next for North Korea?

The Legacy of First Lady Barbara Bush

WH counsel Don McGahn’s influence

Raid on Trump’s Personal Lawyer

Chief of What?

POTUS: Uncharacteristically Quiet

Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski Remembered

Trump’s Legal Woes

Trump’s Dwindling Legal Team

What’s next in the Russia probe?

What’s next for POTUS?

Continual chaos in the White House

Welcome Emmet James Barnicle!

Jared Kushner: Status in question

Congress: How do you go to work today?

Mueller v. Trump

POTUS: Twitter Attacks Continue

Barnicle: Something positive came out of the shutdown

Barnicle: POTUS "100 percent unreliable" as a dealmaker

Barnicle: ‘We have never been here before'

Trump Talk on Hillary Clinton

Barnicle: POTUS is “simply unfit to be president"

POTUS: Mine is Bigger Than Yours

The Never-Ending Investigation

Being Poor: Life sentence and death sentence

Trump Thanks Putin

Omarosa is Fired!

AG Jeff Sessions Pushes Back

Roy Moore Accused of Sexual Molestation

Barnicle: Tax Reform or Tax Revenge

Dems on the Rise

Halloween Day Terror Attack

Republican Party Woes

Trump v. The Republicans

Barnicle: 'Have you no sense of decency, sir'

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Barnicle: Kelly’s “calming, moderating influence"

Trump’s Nuclear Ambitions

Trump’s Visit to Las Vegas

Bob Schieffer joins Morning Joe

Barnicle: "Killings will Continue"

First Amendment Attack

Barnicle: “This isn’t about DACA"

Storm for the Ages

Ryan vs. The Freedom Caucus

POTUS: Reversal on DACA

Trump’s Take on Tragedy in Houston

The Russian Investigation Deepens

Storm Harvey’s Devastation of Houston

America’s Dark Days

Barnicle: Hold The President Accountable

POTUS: Approval Ratings Hit New Low

Chaos: “Unmatched in Presidential History"

More on Trump’s “Fire and Fury”

Donald Trump: Artful but Fraudulent

John Kelly to the Rescue?

Redefining the Presidency

Trump’s “Truth” Problem

Trending: Trump Turnover

Foreign Policy Update

Sen. McCain: 'An American Nobleman'

POTUS: Unchanged

GOP Health Care Failure

Fake News from Russia

Trump Jr.: Right v. Wrong

Connecting the Dots

Position of Peril?

Barnicle: The Poor, Ill and Elderly “Get Whacked"

Health Care Woes for All

Health Insurance Woes

Trump’s Ongoing Troubles

“We Killed Obamacare"

Dems Reboot Needed

Violent America

Barnicle: Sessions Stonewalls the Investigation

You Look Mahvelous!

Barnicle and Rep. Pelosi

James Comey’s Written Opening Statement

Republican Responsibility?

Barnicle: “It’s Mind-Boggling"

Unrelenting on Russia

Memorial Day Weekend Attire

Trump’s Influence on Upcoming Races

Russia Probe Problems Continue

The Next Leader of the FBI

Comey Questions Swirl

The Presidency Defined

The total chaotic nature around the President

Barnicle to POTUS: Stop Tweeting

Difficulties facing the House Republicans’ revised health care bill

What is wrong with these people?

Flynn’s Continuing Troubles

Next for Syria?

The Plan for Syria

“The Nunes piece is going to get even more baffling than it is now.”

The competence of the White House staff

A State of Shock

"You can’t just walk onto the grounds of the White House."

Devin Nunes' defense of President Donald J. Trump's unsupported wiretap allegations

Jimmy Breslin’s style of reporting

Dina Powell in the National Security Council

The Trump campaign's possible ties to Russia

The Speaker of the House is slowly becoming unclothed in public

It’s Day 48

"If I were a member of Congress, I would be furious at the Republican leadership."

The POTUS: “He shouldn’t lie every day."

“American leadership in the world really is wounded now."

In POTUS We Trust?

The FBI to POTUS: “Stop Lying”

Mike Barnicle on PBS’s Charlie Rose with guest host Jon Meacham

POTUS Approval Ratings

Staffing the NSC under Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster

"They didn’t think anybody would find out."

President Donald Trump's mounting controversies

President Donald Trump's Chief Strategist Steve Bannon

Incompetence v. Ideology

Day 4

Trump's journey to the presidency

Mike Barnicle on President Barack Obama’s final news conference

The Briefing

Mike Barnicle on the Trump Cabinet confirmation hearings

President Barack Obama’s Farewell Address

Ethics Office Stays Open

National Security and the Trump Administration

First 100 Days or First Official Day?

Trump cabinet confirmations

"We survived. We prospered. We're America."

Will Joe Biden run for the presidency in 2020?

President-Elect Donald Trump considers candidates for Secretary of State

Mike Barnicle on Kellyanne Conway’s comments

General John Kelly is a terrific candidate for Secretary of State

Mike Barnicle talks about Mitt Romney as Secretary of State

Mike Barnicle on Giuliani's public campaign for the job of Secretary of State

Mike Barnicle Speaks with US Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Oh)

"There's real anger about inequity--class was the issue, income was the issue."

Mike Barnicle on Trump’s possible cabinet choices

Mike Barnicle on the peaceful transition of power following the election

Remain optimistic about the country’s future

Mike Barnicle on Trump’s unexpected victory

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